.........And I hope you are out there doing your thing too...:)



Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

This song says it all. There have been days when I ask, "Why am I here? Who loves me?"

Many answers have come to me and the only one that makes any sense is to take the time to "Do this for me" and to give away what I don't have....funny and amazing how when you give away what you don't have, an abundance of love grows and grows. It's like a magic, invisible seed. "Lost emotions" - they go somewhere. They are not lost, are they!

Thank you dearest for coming to visit my blog. LOVE YOU MUCH!

Mapi said...

Yes Dearest, I still do .....

Love as Always,Mapi

^.^ said...

Am 63 and just learning how to do my own thing without feeling guilty … Much love, friend D … cat and cat Theo.