A wonderful new beginning.. and start of this week  - (I finished my radiation therapy )..now I am moving on..there is much life to be lived yet...and I am doing this with an RADIANT approach...

Wishing all of you in difficult or darker times...take courage....and live every moment..XXX

Sending you love and Light..


Sit down beside me and stay awhile
Let our hearts do their part
 With wine and words to meet the hours
So the day never starts
Cause thats what I want
 That's what we need '
Cause that's who we are
Cause that's what we need

 Aaaahhhhh lalalalaa aaahhhh lalalalaa

 Sit down beside me and stay awhile
There are shadows Till we're old and grey
Till we've got nothing left to say '
Cause that's who we are That's what we need '
Cause that's who we are That's what we need



Mapi said...

Lieverd .....

^.^ said...

So glad for you, friend D. So glad to sit beside you on this radiant Monday :) Much love always, cat.

Jeanneke said...



Unknown said...

Blessings and prayers for your continued journey of wellness.
Love Jeanne

I love all you share

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I am one day late but never is the power of love tardy. Your words here are perfect timing for my tardiness for Monday inspiration, because today we go together to find out the details of our future.

I AM SO EXCITED to know that you are done with the radiation. YOU are radiant from within dearest, with the most powerful source in the universe: LOVE. Wish us well today. Back with the news later.

Susan said...

The photo of the glorious light , through the trees......it takes me to
a wonderful, dreamy place.